Carrom Communications | About Carrom Communications, A Brand Strategy Agency
At Carrom, we identify all the intricate elements that make up your brand, and distill them down to their essence. In the process, we craft a cohesive narrative that helps your brand make genuine connections with your customers.
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Learn a little bit about who we are and what we do.
Your Brand

Everything starts with your company’s uniqueness.

Before your website goes live. Before you’ve written your breakthrough messaging. Before your logo is even conceived. Before all of this, there is your brand, that collection of all the values you stand for, the ideas that you believe in, and the things you care most about. Ultimately, your brand is made up of all these elements. They all play a part in making your brand unique. And they all need to be brought together into a single cohesive idea.


That’s what we do at Carrom – we get to know you, and all the elements that make up your brand, and distill them down to their essence. In the process, we craft an authentic brand story that helps you make genuine connections with your customers.

Our Thinking

Your customers are driven by what your brand believes.

The way we see it, consumers connect with brands that stand for something. That means staking a claim, making a point, and believing in something more than just the bottom line. Once you have this ‘something’, it has to be reflected across your business, from your website’s user experience, to the way you answer the phone. Every aspect is meaningful, and each must support your overall brand.


By creating a brand that is true to your company’s culture and essence, and by showcasing that authenticity consistently, you’ll make connections that are more meaningful and that lead to more valuable opportunities. We can help you get there.

Our Story

We believe in brands.

For many people, ‘branding’ means a new logo and a new look for their website. That’s not what we do. We do more. Much more. At Carrom, we create authentic brands that connect with customers. That’s because we’re not a design shop – our strength is in our ability to communicate deeper brand insights based on what you stand for and what you care about. With our experience and passion in writing, we’re able to interpret and share brand stories through language in a way that visual branding just cannot achieve.
We, founders Gareth and Jessamyn Gwynne, are writers by trade – Gareth from the ad agency world, Jessamyn from a journalistic background. Our global exposure and our ability to pull together a tight-knit team allows Carrom to build brands that work effectively across borders and across cultures. From deep technology to gourmet food brands. From retail communications in the public spotlight to the darkest of dark markets. Our experience can make your brand better, no matter what industry you’re in.

Where Does The ‘Carrom’ In Carrom Communications Come From?

Carrom is an ancient game – a simple, smooth wooden board with pockets in the corners, and some wooden strikers. It’s a traditional game that requires nimble fingers and a nimble mind. The idea of Carrom attracted us because it’s strategic, requires flexibility and is essentially hands-on – all of which reflect the way we work with our clients.