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Creating A Uniquely Masculine E-Liquid Brand In A Crowded, Macho Space.
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Creating a uniquely masculine e-liquid brand in a crowded, macho space.

The Client

Torden is an e-liquid manufacturer entering into the crowded, wild-west world of vaping. With strong backing, and a management team highly experienced in the tobacco space, Torden was looking to make a strong statement from day one. Torden came to Carrom Communications as a brand new business, with little more than a mood board and a range of products in development. They needed a full-fledged brand that took into account both the myriad competitors all gaming for the same dollars, and a target market spoiled for choice.

The Challenge

With the vaping industry of e-cigarettes and e-liquids quickly expanding, this brand development needed to happen quickly, but with fine attention to detail. There would be no second chance with this target market. One thing Torden’s CEO knew – the company wanted a bold, masculine brand. Given the company’s name – ‘Torden’ means ‘Thunder’ in many Nordic languages – and the client’s initial visual explorations, we had to focus on the most competitive area of the e-liquid market: forward-thinking men who have made vaping a lifestyle choice.

First Step

Brand Positioning

We kicked off the development of Torden’s brand by gaining a deeper understanding of e-liquids and the depth of their role in the burgeoning vaping industry. We found that there were many masculine brands, but they appealed to audiences that were young in age and brash of spirit – ‘bikers’ and ‘rockers’, in effect. Torden’s products, while intense, are more refined than many competitors’ offerings. Which is why we segmented the market to target those with a more thoughtful personality, who are comfortable in their own skin. Hence, our positioning:

Torden delivers traditional quality for the modern, confident man.

Second Step

Brand Essence

Traditional quality in a space as new and vibrant as vaping? That’s right. While vaping is considered new and cutting edge, there is still a place for craft – in the e-liquid flavors that are selected and in how they are made. From the beginning with Torden’s Master Flavorists, to final production, Torden takes great care in the creation of its premium e-liquids. The market has developed enough that customers are looking for, even expecting, premium quality. So, combine that strong focus on e-liquid artistry with our particular target audience, and we arrive at our Brand Essence:

Torden. Crafted for the man who knows.

Third Step

Brand Messaging

To translate this Brand Essence into a consumer-facing communications concept, we brought together the best characteristic of our product – our focus on traditional quality – with the most distinctive element of our target audience – the fact that the Torden man is his own man. Combined, these two ideas form a concept that will allow Torden to communicate its brand broadly:

 Purity of tradition. Strength of character.

Fourth Step

Brand Execution

With this in place, we developed Torden’s messaging map. After breaking down the target market into individual target audiences – Expert Vapers, Novice Vapers, Vape Shops/Retailers, and Vaping Opinion Leaders – we set about creating the specific messaging that would drive these different types of people to act at each stage of sales funnel. From there, we went to work writing the flavor stories and the rest of the website copy to effectively get the Torden message out in the world.

See how the Torden brand has been brought to life here: