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Crafting A New, Traditional Olive Oil Brand From Scratch.
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Etesian Gold

Crafting a new, traditional olive oil brand from scratch.

The Client

FLB Solutions, a Greek company, came to Carrom Communications ready to develop a new product – a range of extra virgin olive oils created from the owner’s family olive orchards. As the products were being developed, the client wanted to get moving on the development of the brand. From coming up with a name, to building the brand and messaging, and beyond, this required creating something from the very beginning – our favorite place to start with any brand.

The Challenge

The word ‘Foodie’ has entered our general lexicon, not just in the US, but around the world. And with it has come a burst of products appealing to all these new (and old) food aficionados. We had to create a brand that could compete effectively against a raft of savvy and not-so-savvy competitors. We needed to stay true to traditional roots while being relevant in the modern world. More to the point, we planned to launch the brand in China, to take advantage of a new found Chinese love of olive oil.

First Step

Brand Positioning

This project began truly from scratch, with the company in need of a name. Given the company’s focus on traditional processes – hand-picking olives, pressing them with a granite millstone as opposed to a metal grinder–we wanted to hark back to Greek tradition. So we harked way back, to Ancient Greece. Through research and some creativity, we arrived at the name Etesian Gold. ‘Etesian’ after the Etesian Winds that cool Greek olive trees during the hot summer months, and ‘Gold’ after Homer’s allusion to olive oil as ‘liquid gold’. Our positioning likewise spoke to the tradition that surrounded the brand, and that competitors just could not claim:

Etesian Gold.Treasuring classic methods. Protecting traditional quality.

Second Step

Brand Essence

There is a lot of history around olive oil, and it all began 7,000 years ago in Greece. That’s when olives were first pressed for their oil. Which gives that country quite the distinction as the original home of olive oil. But why was no brand speaking about that? In the marketplace, there was a lot of talk about the high quality of Italian and Spanish olive oils. But what most people don’t know is that most Italian and Spanish olive oil brands import Greek olive oil and mix it with their local oil, then market it as local. We wanted Etesian Gold to reclaim the Greek heritage of olive oil, and crafted the Brand Essence with that very thought in mind:

Etesian Gold. The True Source of Premium Olive Oil.

Third Step

Brand Messaging

Beyond claiming the mantle of Greek pride, there were other elements of the brand that stood out as unique and eminently engaging. The fact that Etesian Gold is still granite-milled topped the list. Few competitors still operated in this traditional way, but none of those who did thought to highlight that tantalizing aspect of the brand. We did, playing up the company’s process in which the olives rarely come in contact with metal or any other unnatural element or surface. Hence, our core message:

Etesian Gold. Traditional granite-milled olive oil of the variety that Homer himself called ‘liquid gold’.

Fourth Step

Brand Execution

With the name and brand in place, we proceeded to build it out. We started by writing and crafting an inviting website for the company’s global presence. As the launch in China approached, we then created a special two-language brochure (English & Mandarin) which highlighted all the special aspects of the brand. Going that big step further, as we are wont to do, we developed tradeshow booth materials for a launch activity in Shanghai, and joined the client there to help them unveil the brand.

You can lean more about Etesian Gold here: